NIP Group Receives National Recognition for Its Innovative Body Camera Pilot Program

Woodbridge, N.J. – December 15, 2021 - NIP Group (, administrator of the Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund (GSMJIF) and Public Entity Joint Insurance Fund (PEJIF), launched a video management pilot program for their member police departments.  This program is designed to address the increase in critical incidents that have occurred across the country, escalating the need to proactively manage situations with potential for conflict and ensure better outcomes.  Police departments are under immense scrutiny to better train officers, monitor and track officer performance, and proactively manage department personnel.

In a national initiative, NIP Group was awarded a 1st place matching grant for their pilot program to roll out their unique web-based software that allows law enforcement agency supervisors to objectively review officers’ body-worn camera (BWC), motor vehicle recorder (MVR) or other digital media capturing officer performance and measure those actions against the agency’s best practices.  NIP Group, Inc. has partnered with 360AOR LLC to pilot their ATLAS software, which can address this heretofore unmet need. “There are two ways to see worker performance: the old way, that labels people as a problem to be solved, and the new way, which sees people as the solution,” stated Jonathan Parham, CEO of 360AOR LLC, creator of ATLAS, and retired police chief of the Linden Police Department.  “ATLAS believes people are the solution and their performance shows us the exact performance that needs to be either sustained or adjusted.”

“It’s only through the tireless dedication to safety and best practices of our commissioners, member police departments, and broker-partners that we are able to successfully roll out such an innovative solution to address a critical law enforcement need,” said Jonathan Hall, Executive Director, GSMJIF and PEJIF, at NIP Group. “Specifically, without the partnership with Jonathan Parham, this solution would not be possible.”

About NIP Group’s GSMJIF and PEJIF Programs

The Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund is the largest stand-alone joint insurance fund in New Jersey and whose member towns comprise over 1,000,000 residents.  The Public Entity Joint Insurance Fund is tailored to meet the needs of New Jersey’s high-density municipalities with populations under 100,000, offering professional-grade risk and claims management through a culture of safety.  Combined, these JIFs have the appropriate reach and aptitude to launch an effective pilot program for the police departments within the state of New Jersey.  Being the first JIF in the state to host round tables for police departments, they observed first-hand the issues that the departments were facing and how to actively get involved in recommending best practices.


John Bertoli
SVP, Marketing